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Window Wells

Window Well
Window wells are small metal or concrete walls, which are constructed all around the basement windows to keep the soil from entering the basement. A window well system will also allow day light into a dark basement, providing free lighting. When it comes to window wells, Toronto homeowners choose Twpconstruction. We are experts in the proper installation of window wells and can guarantee that your basement will be kept soil-free.
One of the advantages of having a window well system installed is that it provides natural daylight, which illuminates your basement. Natural light can brighten up any room, especially the dark basement. When a room is always dark, it can become the perfect breeding place for insects and critters. The basement requires as much natural light as you can provide. However it is important to make sure that the window wells have been set up properly to avoid seepage and to make sure that visitors such as rats and other animals cannot get it.
Putting up a system of window wells requires the hand of a professional. Here and Twpconstruction we have trained personnel who have many years of experience and can get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Until recently the most common material used for window wells was steel. Steel barriers were used where the obstruction is left open at the top to allow the light through. However, these steel window wells would often rust or become black. Furthermore, the open top also allows little animals such as squirrels and crickets to get in. Weeds can also breed at the bottom of the window wells.
Modern window well systems make use of either concrete or poly-carbonate barriers. They are long lasting and reliable. Having window wells in your Toronto home brings it more beauty and appeal as well as increases its resale value. Furthermore you will be providing more light to your basement without additional electrical expenses on your part. This will allow you to convert your basement into a family room, a gym, or anything that you would want it to be.
In the end, it is always best to consult your waterproofing specialist, Twpconstruction if you have plans to modernize and improve your basement. Seeking the professional help of an expert waterproofing contractor such as Twpconstruction will be more beneficial to you, your family, and your property. For the best quality window wells in Toronto, call us today and you won’t be disappointed.