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Basement Lowering

Basement lowering will allow you to increase the overall height of your basement.
Most home owners choose to have their basements lowered to add additional living space to their home or to allow for renting out the new available space allowing for additional home income. supportBasement lowering is always based on engineered drawings and city approved permits. The basement concrete floor is removed and the soil is excavated accordingly. Lowering your basement is typically done in three stages using the A,B,C method. Initially we dig out all the "A's" maximum 4 feet wide, we then form and pour concrete 25 mpa. Once this is completed we install 2" inches of dry pack grout. We then go on to do "B" and then "C" in the same procedure. All stages of the basement lowering are inspected by the city. After the three stages of underpinning are completed 4" of ¾" gravel is installed and the basement is finished with 4" of 25mpa concrete.
Basement lowering is a terrific way to increase the livable space in your home and increase property value without having to extend the building footprint. A lowered basement provides additional head space that makes a world of difference in someone's perception of your home. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your home to sell, adding a rental apartment, or just want to give yourself a bit more room, basement lowering is a great investment.