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09 Oct

How do I know my job will be done right?

All our employees are experienced and fully trained. Many have worked in the industry for more than a decade and have extensive field experience. Twpconstruction is not a fly-by-night operation. It is a serious professional construction company with references you can consult and all the certifications necessary to complete your job to your satisfaction and

09 Oct

What is this going to cost ?

Each house is different and must be seen, discussed and measured to design the ultimate wet basement solution. Some of the factors that we take into account are access, depth of foundation, exterior or interior finishes, discharge source, soil conditions and excavation engineering. Our estimator will thoroughly explain all the components of your custom waterproofing

09 Oct

I have black mould. How much of a problem is it?

Stachybotys chartarum is the scientific name for black mould. It grows in wet or damp areas of the house and is a leading factor in poor inside air quality. It can make respiration difficult and increase breathing problems. It cannot grow once the moisture is removed as it is when your install a Twpconstruction system

09 Oct

What is Toronto’s Warranty?

Twpconstruction provides a lifetime warranty that the basement will not leak in the areas repaired for the life of the structure. We can do this because we know the effectiveness of the materials and our technique guarantees all our waterproofing claims. When the work is completed and payment received, your will receive the transferable certificate

09 Oct

Why there is a sump pump?

There are two main determinants to assess the need for a sump pump. The first is local regulations as prescribed by the Building Code of the area you live in. Some municipalities require by law the installation of a sump pump so that the water does not go into their systems. A sump pump is

16 Mar

What are the benefits of Basement Waterproofing?

If you have some water leakage through the foundation, no matter how minor, new basement waterproofing is needed before the problem gets worse. Any leaking will get worse over time and the volume of water coming into your home will increase. Economically, you will lose value of any stored items and any completed inside improvements.

16 Mar

How do I know if I have a Waterproofing problem?

There are a number of signs you can look for. Obviously, you know you have a wet basement problem if you can see water pooled on the floor or trickling down walls. If there is no obvious flowing water, examine the walls and floor for cracks or staining. If you find mould or mildew on

16 Mar

Why Does my basement leak now ?

Each house is individual but some common causes are: • Cracks in walls or floors. • Failure of the installed weeping tile system due to blockage. • No original weeping tile system. • Sump pump failure. • Openings at the floor-wall joint. • Movement of the foundation. • Poor exterior drainage. • Improper original materials

16 Mar

Can I Water Proof Myself?

Although the process may appear to be simple, waterproofing is actually highly technical and can be dangerous. To effectively use the most modern materials requires manufacturer training to insure proper installation. Improperly installed products will fail. Equally, inexperienced homeowners run the risk of injury or death especially when exterior excavation is involved. Each summer you

16 Mar

Why do I do an inside or outside waterproofing?

Where it is possible Twpconstruction prefers to do the work from the exterior as we can be confident then that the old problem has been removed and repaired. With a new exterior Twpconstruction installation in place, your home’s foundation is protected from any deterioration by the infiltration of water and costly future foundation repairs are