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As a full-service demolition company we are both equipped and experienced to provide a range of demolition related services in Canada.

Demolition of small and large scale projects, including:

  • Demolition services include hand deconstruction, small machinery, or large machinery.
  • Interior, exterior, partial, and complete demolition.
  • Residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sector work.
  • Total sewer and water services.
  • Asbestos – removal and restoration; according to Ministry of the Environment (MOE) regulations (in conjunction with affiliated parties).
  • Small and large scale excavation.
  • Soil remediation- contaminate removal.

With each demolition contract fulfilled, every possible step is taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our team, the surrounding area and the general public. Environmental fortification is equally important and addressed within each demolition project to protect the sanctity of each area, promoting an environmentally friendly work site.